Monthly Archives: October 2015

First Book


The writers group I am part of – Write Enuff! is about to publish our first collection of short stories. Yay! On Tuesday, we got the first look of it in print, and it was a great feeling. There are still a few changes needed, so hopefully in the next week or so we will have the final printed version done, and the online version ready to go ‘live’. Hopefully by then, I will have learned enough to have a wee link here for anyone who wants to buy it.


Learning slowly


I’ve been trying to find my way around my new site now for the past couple of days and it’s safe to say, I’m a diddy! Or the old grey matter is shrinking. I remember years ago when I was wee and we got our first video recorder. I might only have been about 10, but I had that thing sussed out in ten minutes. Now I know how my mum and dad felt – they couldn’t quite get the hang of the video recorder and it’s new technology. Luckily they had us kids to do it for them. I will keep plugging away though on my own, because I want to learn! I WILL beat it…