Brightening up my life with candles


I LOVE candles! I burn them constantly and have spent a small fortune on them over the years. So, why not make them? Well, that’s what I thought a while back. So I did the research, sourced a good company, spent a fortune on materials, and Voila! Well, not exactly. They are much harder to make than I thought.

I continue to practice, and I WILL master it! In the meantime, my house smells lovely – lime, basil and mandarin in the bathroom, Christmas spice in the living room, sweet pea in the porch, rhubarb and strawberry in the kitchen (appropriately), spiced orange in the hall. Mmmmmmm lovely!



About Isla Guthrie Writes...

I am a writer. There, I said it, so it must be true! Yay! I am also a wife, married to my (seriously) better half. I'm a mother of two lovely (most of the time) grown up daughters. And all the other extensions, like daughter, sister, etc. We have two dogs - one old and crabbit, the other young and mental. I like doing a bit of photography and other crafty things like making my own organic soap, shampoo and skin stuff. I want to save the planet, and love to browse the charity shops for clothes and furniture and nic nacs. I want to write a novel...well, I plan to do it, and have made a start. I am honing my skills by continuing to study Creative Writing at Glasgow Uni. I am part of a writers group called Write Enuff! and we meet every week to practice what we have been learning at Uni. And drink tea and coffee...and eat cake...and put the world to rights!

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